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Inspiring Words of Social Media Wisdom- in 140 Characters or Less!

August 11, 2010

So, I’d been mulling around all week trying to think of the best topic, the most sage advice, etc. when I came across a post on one of my fave blogs Copyblogger . Sponsored by the company Thoughtlead, The Influencer Project is a revolutionary billing of some of the marketing and technology industry’s most renowned, you guessed it- “Thought Leaders” On a personal note, the previous buzz words are beginning to grate on me just a bit.

I digress. 60 Leaders. 60 Seconds Each. 60 Ways to Increase Your Online Influence is IMHO, the embodiment of practicing what you preach in our world of “140 characters of less”. In this post I’ve listed some of my faves from the conference (in order of appearance), as well as some insight I’ve recently gained from Thought Leaders here in Austin such as: Vicki Flaugher, Jay Ehret, Thom Singer, Ben Rosales, and Dara Quackenbush:

Robert Scoble. “Follow better people. The better your inbound is, the better your output will be. And your output is what people follow.” @scobleizer

Ann Handley. “Ground your content in who you are. Don’t be afraid to have a point of view.”@marketingprofs

Johnny B. Truant. “Defy convention where it’s appropriate. Only a few people dare to step outside. And people take notice of that.” @johnnybtruant

Robbin Phillips. “It is not about digital. It’s about people. It’s about passion conversations, not product conversations.” @robbinphillips

Nathan Hangen. “Don’t worry about getting attention from other people. Make something worth talking about.”@nhangen

Mitch Joel. “Get active in other people’s communities. Get out of your own head and get into other people’s spaces.” @mitchjoel

And, making ‘Austin’ proud:

Vicki Flaugher. “Show up, completely and fully – that’s most of the victory.” @SmartWoman

Jay Ehret. “Your uniqueness is the combination of your promise and your personality.” @TheMarketingGuy

Thom Singer. “The definition of ‘know’ has changed b/c of SM; ‘Like’ and ‘Trust’ become more important. Build your personal brand.”@thomsinger

Benn Rosales. (Re: Social Media & Neg Feedback) “Be passionate. Don’t be afraid to engage in public (online). Let your FANS defend YOU.” @BennRosales

Dara Quackenbush. (Re: PR/Branding) “Use The Grandma Rule. If she can’t understand what you DO, the majority of audiences can’t either!”@dquack

I had the pleasure of meeting most these fine Austin folks at Product Camp Austin (More on PCA in my previous post). The other folks are of course, "cyber buddies". There's 52 more bits o' knowledge at 60 Ways to Increase your Influence Online I’ve given you not only the words, but the info to “follow better people”.

So, Return the Favor? Please, Comment & Share your Inspiration!

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  1. August 17, 2010 6:55 PM

    You are too kind to mention me – thank you! You know, sometimes I never know what’s going to stick on my social media. I mean, I have a business process of course, but it delights me how often the lighthearted less information driven ideas that I blip out work best. The one you mentioned was retweeted a lot so I guess the fans liked it. 🙂

    It’s a pleasure knowing you and I’m proud to represent (go Longhorns!)

    Vicki Flaugher, CEO
    Smartwoman Guides
    @Smartwoman on Twitter

  2. August 17, 2010 8:42 PM

    A good collection of quotes, Rachelle. It’s interesting how varied they are, further proof that understanding influence is elusive.

    Thanks for including me in your list. It was great to connect with you at ProductCamp Austin!

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